At Mensera, we believe that science should be driven by progress, not profit. Because of this, many of our research and development projects are purely experimental, and are not ready to be publicly announced. However, several of our corporate clients have deployed solutions using Mensera's technology, and they have enjoyed great improvements in service quality and efficiency as a result.

color swatches

Intelligent Color Recommendations

As part of a project for CODE SET, an NYC-based design and marketing firm, Mensera created a tool that automatically generated color palate recommendations for clients based on keywords found in their existing branding and marketing copy. After ingesting more that 15 terabytes of data including website snapshots, magazine pages, billboards, and other publications, the system, dubbed SHADR3, was able to suggest a color scheme that was approved by the client more than 82% of the time.

shipping map

Unmatched Timing Estimates

In partnership with worldwide logistics firm Interspace, Mensera's solution architects, researchers, and engineers built a system to predict cross-country shipping times with unprecedented accuracy. By integrating real-time weather forecasts along with information about the type of truck, the driver, and the weight of the cargo, we were able to provide delivery estimates with sub-hour precision, which updated as GPS data became available. Interspace now uses this system to monitor and predict the timing of more than 5,000 shipments each month.