About Mensera

Shouldn't computers learn to understand us, and not the other way around? Since our founding in 2011, Mensera has worked with one goal in mind: make AI more useful. We develop technology that powers analytics software, business intelligence tools, and digital assistants that are used by companies around the world.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and development of intelligent agents which take in and process data, and then generate some kind of useful output. This can mean anything from figuring out what objects are in a photo, holding a conversation, or more abstract data analysis tasks like predicting stock prices.


Our Values

The AI of the future should be:

  • Intelligent
    • Able to analyze vast amounts of complex data
  • Adaptive
    • Capable of self-improvement
  • Human
    • Expressive and understandable

Our Methods

Developing new technologies requires new ways of thinking. At Mensera, we use a fragmented project structure that empowers employees to work on the projects that interest them while striving towards common goals. We want to focus on making progress, not just making money.

Our Partners

Many companies are already using our technology, either internally or as part of one of their products: